Let’s say that this man is YOUR “Perfect Client”.  How do you initially contact and then start building a relationship online with a 64 year old asparagus farmer who uses his iPad to hedge his crop, listen to his favorite country music and look at pictures of his grandkids on Facebook?  He is opinionated, has disposable income, confident and needs your services desperately but doesn’t even know it.

How much is a new client like him worth to your business?  Is he a onetime client or can he be a client for life?

Is he worth $1000 one time to you or can he spend at least $100,000 over the length of time you provide products or services to him?

These are questions we can not only answer, but holes in your marketing that we can identify and solve for you.

We have over 10 years of experience generating qualified leads based on “Your Perfect Client”.

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