Want To Start a New Business?

Let’s try this scenario: you retired.  Maybe you wanted to retire, or maybe they gave you a golden or not so golden parachute, because they wanted to “make room for new blood” or the company “needs to downsize” or “they’re moving in a different direction”.  Maybe you were happy to retire when you did, but now have tired of playing golf, reading the local paper every morning and just looking for new hobbies.   Or maybe you were fed a line of crap that was code for; “you’re too old and your company needed to save 60% of your salary and get someone who will work 70 hours a week for way less money”. There can be any number of scenarios that have gotten you to where you are right now, but that’s not really important.  The cool thing is that you have an opportunity to change it and I can help.

We’ve all read about Dementia research and Alzheimer’s disease that scares the hell out of us, but we’re finding out that the old adage of “use it or lose it” may be the truth.  We are learning that we better keep active or our minds and bodies are going to start breaking down. We have finally reached the goal that we always said we were working towards and found out that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.  We are at the absolute pinnacle of our professional lives and we have stopped working.  Oh my God, what have we done?

You Have All The Necessary Skills

Let me ask you a very simple question.  Who in your position was smarter and wiser than you when they let you go or when you took retirement?  Nobody!  How could they be?  Some corporation spent a hell of a lot of time and money grooming you into being the person who either made them a lot of money or saved them a lot of money over the past 20, 30 or 40 years.

CostiganConsulting-Graphic-08What I am trying to get you to appreciate is that you are already an expert!  You have skills and experience that are scarce in today’s business world and if you do find them, they are expensive. So, if we find you the right clients; maybe 2 or 3 if you want to work a day or two a week or 5 or 6 clients if you’d like to work a little more, you can make a heck of a living while making a mark in the business world again.

I’d like to keep you from going to those franchise seminars that tell you what a great investment it is buying a “Subway”.   Or you can cash in your IRA and 401k and come up with $800,000 and own a dry cleaners franchise where you have to manage minimum wage employees, because you’ll go bankrupt paying an honest wage.

I have a pretty good idea of what your experience is worth and how to leverage it to make a heck of a living.  So, how about we get on a call and talk about building a successful business that is not only rewarding, but life changing.

Here’s What Happens When We Talk!

You’ll talk to me personally and there are two things I do on the call:

First, I shut up and listen.  I find out what you want to do.

CostiganConsulting-Graphic-09Then we find out exactly how you want your business to work.

Next, we’ll talk about what kind of service you plan on selling. Have you done it before?  Are we going to package your existing skillsets or is this something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t pulled the trigger yet?

Now we’ll explore your sales goals.  How many leads or subscribers do we need to generate to reach your sales numbers?

Do we want to grow this business every month or find a specific number of clients and make a nice living helping just those?

Basically, we’re getting a snapshot of where you are today and where you want to be in three to six months.

Next we start to build the plan to get you there and that’s where our Blueprint process comes in.

The way that works is we’ll “prescribe” a marketing process and map it out for you …based on your stated business model and goals.

This is very important because, there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing plan and anyone who tells you otherwise is delusional.

That’s why we create a custom blueprint based on your specific business model and sales process …and on your specific goals.

Next: Using Your Free Blueprint

CostiganConsulting-Graphic-10There are two ways you can use the free plans that I give you.

First, you can build the system yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that’s your decision, I’m happy we could help and we’ll wish you the best of luck.

Your other choice is to have me build it for you. If that’s your decision, we’ll create all the marketing funnels, campaigns, web pages and systems you need to attain your goals.  We can meet in person if that works for you or we can always use Skype or GoToMeeting as we build your new company.

But whatever you decide, please know there will be no pressure to become a client.

Here’s The Catch

The only catch to this whole process is that if you do go ahead and have someone else build the company from our blueprint, that you never resell it to anyone else.  If you think that’s fair, then click the button below and let’s get on a call together and see if there’s something we can do to help you become happier and successful.

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